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Regina v. Zephaniah Williams

Henry Smith - I am Hallier for James
and live with him at Lanhiddel -
I was at home on Sunday before the Riots the
third day of November instant - Prisoner
came to my Masters House between 11 & 12
or 12 & 1 o'Clock - at night I was in bed at the
time - I heard a knock at the door and
soon after my Master came and called
me up
- I got up and went down Stairs -
I saw a Man sitting in the in the corner
near the fire place
- I am not acquainted
with the Prisoner - I heard my master
call him by the name of Williams - I
think I should know him if I were to
see him again - I heard this man
ask my Master for a Tram - I think
he said " I must have a tram" - and
that he should take it so far as Bassalleg-
He said he wanted a horse too - My
Master then told me to go and get the
Horse ready to go with the Tram -
The Man my Master called Williams was
very wet - I went to the stable across
the Tram Road - I cleaned the Horse a
bit and ^ put the tack upon him - and
hitched h... him to the Tram - I
took the Horse and tram opposite my
Master's door - I then went into the
House - I went into the House and
told my Master The Horse and Tram
was ready - I saw the man they
called Mr Williams still in the



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