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Corner drying himself - He rose up and
said to three or four other Men who were
in the Kitchen "Come on now"- and
went out and went into the Tram -
The Men followed him and went into
the Tram too - They all sat on the
side of the Tram - there was no Seats
in it - then the Man Williams was
in the tram he said to me go on
- I
took the men so far as Tynycwm -
about five or Six Miles - I stopped
at Tynycwm - I saw Williams out
of the tram at this place - I did not
see him get out - He was walking
- I heard him order the
men down the tram Road & to go in
"two and two" - There were a great
many men at Twynycwm - Some
had Guns - Some Spears - Some
had Sticks - I remained there
for nearly an hour - when I was
coming away I saw Williams
amongst the Men giving orders -
He was Sometimes behind them &
Sometimes before them - Williams
had an Umbrella in his hand -
I came on down to Newport - I saw
Williams again at Tydu - He was
walking with the men - ordering
them on two and
two - I came
stopped at the machine - I stopped at
the Park before I came to the Machine

[in left margin]
[with vertical marks in emphasis
against lines 8-9, 15-20, 23-24]



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