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I saw a parcel of men in the Park I don`t
think I saw Williams the Prisoner there -
he may have been in door amongst them
but I`m not sure I saw him there -
I wont swear I did not see him there -
When I got to the lower Machine I saw
a great number of men going towards
Stow - I took my Horse from the
Tram and went on to the Salutation-
I stopped there looking about a bit -
I saw a great number of the Men returning-
I saw Williams an - He passed opposite
the Salutation in the Turnpike,road and
went up towards the Waterloo public
in the direction of the Park
I have not seen him since - until
I saw him here this morning
When I saw him this morning I thought
he was the same Man - He was
darker then than he is now - I
can`t tell whether he had the Same
dress / on then that he has on now. I
have no doubt but that the Man
I have seen this morning is the same
Man I saw in my Masters House
and who ordered the tram and
whom I saw on the Road and
heard order the Men to go on in
two and two.
______________The Mark of
_______________Henry Smith
John Rogers

[the left margin has two vertical
lines alongside lines 23-29 of text]



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