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Reg vs Z.Williams
______ Wm Jones

Ann Thomas Widow of Abraham Thomas
of Coalbrook vale States my Husband
was in the habit of attending meetings
at Z Williams's previous to his death
_________________________ Lodge
he belonged to the Chartists^ Society or
____________The Royal Oak Blaina
Club held at Z. Williams's House ^
It was 5 to 6 weeks before he was killed
that he joined the Club. He used to
go once a week or twice or three times
a month on Wednesdays I remember
the week before the pay. The pay is
always the End of the month. It was
_______________________I saw
7 Weeks last Sunday night ^ my Husband
alive he
^ __went out about 6 O'clock at in the
Evening. I heard him wish the Children
good- bye. I was in a bad way about it
I pulled one way he the other but
he would be Master and went
away he I called back after
he went out of the Door and
said Aby where are you going
he said he was going on the
Mountain & he started off I went
out after him & took a little Child
I had in my Cloak but I did
lose him in 10 Minutes & I went
back it did rain very hard
He went away in the direction of the
Royal Oak
. I saw my Husband



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