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at the Royal Oak ^ the Sunday about
__ he went away about
^ 2 O clock there were a great many
people there my House is only
2 Doors from the Royal Oak
When I went out after my Husband
I went round the Royal Oak & into
the House and asked Mrs Williams
Z Williams's Wife
if she had seen
my Husband she said no and
was crying in the Bar - all the
people were gone by that time
When I first went out there
were people going to Chapel
I did not see any persons
with Pikes Guns or any sort
of Weapon. I was at the Meeting
3 or 4 Wednesday nights at Z Williams's
I went to please my Husband, Women
used to go I did hear them talk
about the Charter I heard Z Wlliams
speak at 3 or 4 Meetings about
the Charter and also the old Doctor
I once saw John
about 3 months ago at making



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