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him not to do that as the Man
may not be ready & I would come
after. I said that to get out of
the way. I did not go to the
Mountain. I once saw Frost
at Blackwood speaking out of the
Window of the Coach & Horses 5
months ago I was at work with a
Man named Elisha a Mason
at the Rhew . He said Frost was
going to speak at the Coach & Horses
& asked me to go & I went and
__I heard him __ giving up
them talk about ^ drinking Tea
Coffee Beer smoking Tobacco & there
would be no Duty & that would
be the way to gain the Charter
It rained pouring and I went
away - I saw some Bullets
at Abraham Thomas a few
days before the Sunday they appeared
fresh casted & he appeared to be very ~

___to us Englishmen because
/... / do not belong to them

~careful of shewing them ^ It was
a bullet about half an inch round
I saw the bullets in Thomas's possession
I have never seen Abraham
since the time I left
him at his House the Sunday
night His Wife told me she



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