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had seen her Husband laying
dead at the Westgate Inn Newport
the week he went away the Sunday
Abraham Thomas went away Ann Thomas told
me that a man I saw go to the Royal Oak on Horseback
was Jones of Pontypool. ___The Mark of
It was about 4 o clock __________X
______________________ Benjamin Green

Benjamin James the Son of James James
__ Coalbrook Vale lives with his Father Coalbrook Vale
of Blaina ^ aged 19 years I knew Zephaniah
of the Royal Oak Blaina I have
known him a good bit I used to go to his
House. I was a Member of the Chartist Lodge
at Z. Williams's House. I had a Card I paid
about 3/ - altogether. There were always
a good many people there. Zephaniah
I saw there almost always he asked me
to come in the Lodge. I was at Z. Williams
on the Sunday Mo[rni] -ng after the last ^ pay at in
October. I went about 8 in the morning -
there were a great many people there I saw
Zephaniah I sat in the Lodge Room about
5 minutes I went home and eat my Dinner
and my Tea and went down again to
Zephaniahs about 5 o clock in the Evening
I heard the men in the House Club Room
in he mor - ng say they were to meet
together to rise in the Evening & that is
the reason I went When I went up
at 5 o clock there were a good many people
there but the House was not full I went
into the House and saw Z Williams with a
dark great Coat and standing by the Bar
I did not speak to him or he to me I went was



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