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there about 10 minutes in the House and about the
House the people went off in companies of 9 & 10
to the Mountain I went off with them Some had
sticks and some had Pikes I do not recollect
seeing any Guns till we came to the Mountain
when I saw a good many Guns. I don't know
where they ^ got the Pikes from but I saw the Men
by the House and in front start with Pikes
I saw Abraham Thomas by his own House
near the Oak but I went up before him. ~

I have heard he was killed at Newport the next mor-g with the Mob
^ Z. Williams had previously told me on the~

_____________Bread and Cheese as they wo[ul]d want
_________________to eat

~Saturday to bring some victuals ^ and also
to bring something in their Hands to Defend
themselves When I carried a Gun which
David Evans
I thought the best thing to
defend myself was a Gun and one
David Evans who lived near the Royal
had a Gun which he wanted to sell
__to Williams House and got ___
I went ^ Thos Ferraday and to asked Williams
to lend him
to go to Z Williams and borrow a ~
_and I gave Ferreday a shilling to make up a guinea
~Sovereign to buy the Evans's Gun ^ Thos Ferreday
asked Williams in my presence to
do so & Williams lent him the Sovereign
and I gave Thos Ferreday a shilling
^ Thos Ferreday went out and brought back
the a Gun which Ferreday said he had
bought at of Evans. Williams came into
the room and looked at the Gun and said
it was a pretty little Gun and then went
away this was on the Saturday night previously
& next morning when I went at 8 O'clock I saw
Z Williams and gave him back the Sovereign
and he said thank ye. He knew what it was for
nothing more passed. It was a Gun with a Cap
and not a flint . I left the Gun at Mr Williams
on the Saturday night . When I went Sunday
____to Z Williams _______on the road
night ^ I saw Thos Ferreday ^ and asked him for the Gun
which he had in his Hand and gave me. I cannot
say whether it was loaded or not I did not
load it myself I went to the Mountain
and stopped there sometime it was [?] very [*]

[ *obscured on digital copy] [?wet]
[at foot Newport Reference Libraries embossed stamp]



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