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A Welshman

Richard Williams of the Navigation Inn at
____________in the parish of Llanhiddell
the parish of Crumlin ^ in the County of Monmouth
Inn keeper - states - I keep the Navigation Inn
- There is Chartist Lodge held at my house - the
general night of meeting is^ Monday - The I paid
1d. a week - the meetings were not regular, sometimes
once a fortnight - then I paid 2d__ There was a
meeting on the Monday week of the Riots but
I do not recollect that anything particular was
said - On the Wednesdayprevious to the Riots stet
the last Wednesday in October
Zephaniah Williams and Jones the Watchmaker
attended a meeting of the Members of the Lodge
at my house [*] whilst I was at dinner my Wife
came and told me that some men wanted to
see me & that it was something about the Charter
I did not wish to see them and went out to my
farm by the back door - When I came
back some time after about dusk ^my house was full of
people - Zephaniah Williams & Jones
the Watchmaker
were with them - I heard Zeph
When I found there was a Lodge there I went into
the room where they were - Every one but

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