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the members was ordered out (this was a new
plan) the door was shut, but not locked - After
I got in Zephaniah got up. He asked^ in Welsh if any one
there wished to know the nature of the Charter
- Some of them said they did wish to know - He
then said it was Vote by Ballot universal
suffrage, that every person of 21 years of age &
in his right senses ought & nothing against his
______________give his voice to choose
Character had a right to vote ^for a Members of Parlt
as well as the best - He also said that he thought
the Charter would be the Law of the Land sooner
than many expected it - that he thought they
would be able to get it without any bloodshed
- And that he would recommend everyone to provide
Jones afterwards spoke to them in English which I did not understand
Something to defend themselves with ^ And then
__Zephaniah afterwards
he ^ said he had something to say to some of them
_to the Leaders
in secret ^ - I thought Zephaniah wished to say
something to the foreman of the Lodge which He
did not wish me to hear - & I went out I did
not hear anything more -
On Thursday morning Jo
Williams & Jones left that Evening about 1/2 past
10.- I did not offer them a place to sleep. I do not know
___________________________I believe it was
where they went - On Thursday evening^ John James



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