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and Robt Morris came to my House, and asked
me for the money that belonged to the Lodge -
I asked how much it was - John James looked
on the Lodge account book & cast it up - the amount was
£3. 3. 1. or £3. 2. 1. I don`t recollect which -
I put that amount on the table & Thos ^ Robt Morris
took it up. They did not say what they were going
to do with the money & I had no idea what they
intended to do with it - I was glad to get rid of
it for I thought they had some mischief in
hand from what I had heard the night before -
I heard some talk among the Men on Saturday
night the 2 nd November & I that a general rise
was to take place the next day, & on Sunday
Morning I left my house & went to my Son's in
the Parish ofPen a darin [*] in Breconshire - I returned
on We the Wednesday after -
______________The mark
____________ Richard Williams
Wits J.H.E
27th Decr 1839

[* Pen-y-Darren]



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