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Wooden leg

Joseph Anthony of Ty du in the parish of Bassalleg
Hallier States - between 6 and 7 on the morning of the Riots I
was pressed to go with the Chartists - I should not know any
of the people who came into my house and forced me to go with
them - After I had gone some distance with them & near the
Rising Sun
I saw a Man with a Wooden Leg on Horseback -
(it was the left leg he had lost) - He told me and the rest frequently
to go on - At Pye Corner because I did not go on he struck
me across the back with something - I don t know whether
it was a fist or stick or Wooden leg - I think I should
know him if I were to see him again - I have known
Pillinger for 12 to 15 years - I can swear it was not him -
I do not know a wooden legged man of the name of Turner or
Cole - I saw another wooden legged man besides the one on
horseback between my House and Pye Corner - he was on foot
I should not know him again - I have heard several
persons say there were 3 wooden legged men in the Crowd
but I cannot recollect who told me.
_____________________________The Mark of
____________________________ Joseph Anthony



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