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[top right corner] 86
Joseph Anthony of Ty du in the parish of Bassaleg
hallier - States - Between 6 & 7 on the morning
of the Riots I was pressed to go with the Chartists.
I should not know any of the people who came
into my house & forced me to go with them -
After I had gone some distance with them &
near the Rising Sun I saw a Man with a wooden
leg on Horseback ( it was the left leg he had lost )
he told me & the rest frequently to go on - At
Pye Corner because I did not go on he struck me
across the back with something - I don`t know
whether it was his fist or stick or wooden leg -
I think I should know him, if I were to see to
him again - I have known Pillinger from
12 to 15.years - I can swear it was not him -
I have do not seen Turner I s I do not know
a wooden legged Man of the name of Turner or Cole
- I saw another wooden legged Man besides the
one on horseback, between my house & Pye Corner,
he was on foot - I should not know him again -
I have heard several persons say there were 3
Wooden legged men in the crowd but I cannot recollect
who told me - __________ The Mark
___________________Joseph ____Anthony
Witness J.H.E.
21st Decr 1839

[in left margin]
The man on horseback had on a White fustian Jacket
& a black beaver hat -



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