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_________by the Shop called the Anchor House
________close by the back gates of the Westgate
the Road by the side of the Westgate
__in a place where they kept the Shutters
I saw a Man there ^ loading his
Gun. I saw him coming out
again & fire ing thro' the Westgate
Window He then went back
again and I saw him come
out and fire again into the
Window where the Soldiers
were. And he went back again
and armed his Gun which did not go off a third
time he put back the Cock struck the butt of his Gun agst his wooden
leg And came out & fired a third
time. He was ^ a Man with
and came out pointed his Gun
a third time but it did not go off
and he put back the Cock and
struck the butt of his ^ gun against
his Wooden leg put up his
Gun and fired a third time
into the window where the
Soldiers were He was
the most active Man with
a Wooden leg I ever saw
I was about 4 yards from him
him during this time. He appeared



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