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Thomas Hignell of Newport Corn factor States - On Monday
Morning the 4 th November I was at breakfast when I heard that the
Chartists were coming down to Newport - I went out of the house to
an opening on the side of the Pill Road whence I could see them - they
reached from beyond the Waterloo to the Court y bella Machine - they
were hurraying and making a great noise - I saw them turn
up by the Friars and thought they were going to attack the poor -
- I then walked up Commercial St towards the Westgate
- I had got so far as Rogers' the Druggist, but on the opposite side
of the way and could see a great crowd about the Westgate when I
heard firing and saw some men come out of the crowd - the
first stopped and began to load his Gun when a little Man with a
sword and a wooden legged man with a Gun came up to him -
He did not finish loading his Gun but walked off with them -
I should know the two first men again if I were to see them -
I believe that Pillinger is the wooden legged man, but I should
not like to swear positively - The man I saw had lost his right
leg and walked with a stick in his right hand - he carried his
Gun on the left shoulder
[in left margin] xd
_________________________Thomas Hignell



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