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VICTORIA by the Grace of God Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Defender of the Faith
To John James, Collier, Norman James Collier John Harford Collier
John Hodge Collier and to every of them Greeting. We command you and every of you that, laying aside all
Excuses and Pretences whatsoever, you and every of you personally be and appear before our
Justices of Oyer and Terminus and Gaol Delivery
Justices assigned to hold the Assizes in and for our County of Monmouth
on Tuesday the Tenth Day of December next at
Monmouth in our said County, there to testify the Truth
and give Evidence to and before the Grand Inquest of and for our said
County on our behalf against John Frost and others for High Treason;
and also up on the Trial of the said John Frost and others for the said
And this you or any of you are not to omit, under
the Penalty of One Hundred Pounds to be levied on the Goods and Chattels, Lands and Tenements of such of you
as shall fail herein. Witness Thomas Lord Denman at Westminster, the Twenty fifth
Day of November in the third Year of our Reign,



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